Level II credit products enable lenders (whom we call originators) to increase leverage (how much they can borrow) from their Sivo debt line. Originators do this by providing Sivo with data including credit applications from borrowers and repayment history.

Level II credit products can be created one of two ways:

  1. Upgrade an existing Level I credit product

  2. Use a credit product from our library (credit products in our library are Level II by default)

Tip! Credit products in the Sivo library are created by the Sivo Risk team and are  designed for specific lending products for operation in specific regions.

Steps to upgrade a Level I credit product

1. Login to Sivo

2. Head to Risk > Credit products

3. Click the Level I credit product you’d like to upgrade

4. Click the button on the summary page

5. Complete the Level II credit product questionnaire

Tip! The Level II credit product questionnaire is quite a bit more comprehensive than the Level I questionnaire so you’ll want to have someone from your team complete this that can answer questions regarding risk and underwriting.

Steps to add a Level II credit product from our library

1. Login to Sivo

2. Head to Risk > Credit products

3. Choose a credit product from the library

4. Give the credit product a name

Tip! If there is a credit product that you’d like to see in our library, reach out to the Sivo team by clicking the live chat button and we’ll work on adding it.

Sending Sivo data

Once your Level II credit product is created, you’ll be taken to the summary page for your newly created Level II credit product.

Because you’ve upgraded your credit product to Level II, there are a couple of views that have unlocked that contain key information that you’ll need to start sending Sivo data.

These new views are called schemas and you’ll find them under the Credit application and Originator loan tabs.

These schemas tell you what data Sivo will need to receive to monitor the health of your loan portfolio so we can work together, toward increasing leverage.

Learn more about connecting your apps and databases and sending data to Sivo.

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