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An introduction to integrations and workflow automation
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Sivo was designed from the ground up to support developers and low/no code teams.

One of the biggest pain points raised by our waitlist was the lack of programmatic automation for:

  • Drawing down and repaying debt capital

  • Performing underwriting and decisioning

  • Providing reporting to capital sources

  • Fund disbursement

.. so we’re working hard to become an automation leader in this space by making it possible to integrate your tech stack with Sivo.

The low/no code pitch

Sivo is built for automation from credit application to fund disbursement.

Need to notify your borrower or team along the way? SMS, email, Slack.. we have you covered. What will you build?

Our library includes hundreds of pre-built connectors to move data to and from Sivo. Learn more.

The developer pitch

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