​​Debt lines are designed to get debt capital into the hands of lenders (whom we call originators), quickly. It literally takes minutes to create a debt line and draw down funds from your Sivo Debt line. A process that can take months or even years when dealing with typical sources of debt capital.

To get started, you’ll need to create a Sivo Debt Line to draw down (withdraw) funds from.

Steps to create a Sivo Debt Line

1. Login to Sivo

2. Head to Debt > Debt Lines

3. Click the Create a debt line button. You’ll be given the option to either book a meeting with our sales team or build your own debt line using our self-paced tool. To build your own debt line, click the Build your debt line button.

4. In the next screen, you’ll be asked if you want to use Sivo for decisioning. If you answer yes, you’ll be prompted to book a meeting with our team. To continue building your Sivo Debt Line, click No.

5. Give your Debt Line name.

6. Complete the Debt Line creation questionnaire.

7. Once completed, you’ll be taken to the summary page for your newly created Debt Line.

Summary pages are like dashboards where you’ll see information like the APR % you’ll incur when you draw down (withdraw) from your Sivo Debt line to fund this credit product and how much leverage you have.

Now that you’ve created your debt line, you can draw down (withdraw) from your Sivo Debt line. Learn more about Sivo Debt lines.

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