Debt line currencies
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Debt line currencies

Sivo supports lending and collecting payment in a range of currencies. These are;

  • AED (UAB dirhams)

  • AUD (Australian dollars)

  • CAD (Canadian dollars)

  • CHF (Swiss francs)

  • CZK (Czech korunas)

  • DKK (Danish krones)

  • EUR (Euros)

  • GBP (British pounds)

  • HKD (Hong Kong dollars)

  • HUF (Hungarian forints)

  • KES (Kenyan shillings)

  • KWD (Kuwaiti dinars)

  • MXN (Mexican pesos)

  • NOK (Norwegian krones)

  • NZD (New Zealand dollars)

  • PLN (Polish zlotys)

  • RON (Romanian leus)

  • SAR (Saudi riyals)

  • SEK (Swedish kronas)

  • SGD (Singapore dollars)

  • USD (US dollars)

  • ZAR (South African rands)

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