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How to unlock leverage for your Debt line?
How to unlock leverage for your Debt line?
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The power of Sivo’s Debt capital product is unlocked as you show responsible lending and proper reporting in accordance with your initial credit risk assessment and leverage timeline.

Like most funds, reporting is key, as it drives your Sivo portfolio performance and KPIs.

As soon as you activate your debt-line and deposit your Loss reserve, you start your journey towards 2x, 4x, and 10x leverage.

Yet leverage does not happen automatically. You will work with your dedicated CSM and Risk expert to ensure you can hit your milestones without delay.

Here are the 3 primary aspects of staying on track towards your leverage milestones:

1. On-time reporting: Leverage countdown starts from when accurate reporting is received and approved by our risk team. When unlocking access to additional capital with Sivo or other funds, reporting is key so don't neglect it. The difference is we make it easy to do using an API or Zapier so you can set it and forget it.

2. On-time payments: Sivo interest/payments are due on the 1st of each month. Don’t miss it. Our app reminds you and makes it easy to hit those dates.

3. Stay on track: as you continue to update your reports, our engine ensures your data supports your initial assessment of risk. Don’t stray outside your Sivo credit box to avoid delays. When you setup your Sivo debt line, you tell our risk engine where, what, and who comes to your lending program. If you deviate from this, it can impact access to leverage and your standing with Sivo.

Nice and simple.... and programmatic. Just how we like it! 🤗

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