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How is my borrowing base and eligible draw amount calculated?
How is my borrowing base and eligible draw amount calculated?
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Your borrowing base is calculated starting with your existing receivables you have reported to Sivo, also know as your portfolio. You can then select which receivables you would like to pledge, or have Sivo consider toward your borrowing base. Each receivable pledged is then evaluated through a set of eligibility criteria to determine if it will be in included in your eligible receivables. The eligible receivables are multiplied by your advance rate, which is determined by Sivo. This produces your Debt line limit, or total funding amount. Any funds already drawn are deducted from your debt line limit, leaving your remaining eligible to draw amount.

You can report on your total portfolio with the Reporting API here or Zapier here.

  • Total Portfolio - All receivables held, both inside and outside of Sivo

  • Pledged Portfolio - All receivables you would like to have considered in your borrowing base

  • Eligible receivables - Receivables which have been evaluated and pass Sivo's eligibility criteria

    • Examples of receivable eligibility criteria:

      • Number of days a receivable is delinquent

      • Dollar amount of a receivable

      • Term or number of days expected for a receivable to be re-payed

  • Advance rate - % of your eligible receivables Sivo has determined to apply toward your debt line limit.

  • Debt line limit (Total funding amount) - Total amount which can be drawn

  • Current drawn - Total amount which has already been distributed

  • Remainder eligible to draw - Amount which is still available to be dispersed

If you would like to increase your availability to draw or if it is currently negative you can pledge more receivables to be considered in your borrowing base.

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