What is Debt as a Service (DaaS)?
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What is Debt as a Service (DaaS)?

DaaS is Sivo's flagship, capital only product. We are the only capital product in the industry with programmatic access to funds and an interest only, revolving debt line designed to be a perfect fit for short duration lenders like cards, BNPL, invoice factoring, merchant cash advance, and more.

Key benefits of DaaS

  1. Debt lines can be created in minutes not months

  2. Access to 10X leverage in as little as 12 months

  3. Programmatic access via API or Zapier to make payments or draw funds, further controlling your cost of capital

  4. Automated reporting via API or Zapier - no more complex, labour-intensive spreadsheets to complete!

  5. Interest only Debt line for 30 months. Repay principal anytime or during months 31 to 36 (or refinance)

  6. Multi-currency Debt lines including USD, GBP, EUR, and MXN

  7. Easy to understand legal agreements

  8. No arrangement fees or warrants

  9. Graduate from Sivo as a capital source and tap into brand name funds who can take your line/facility into the hundreds of millions

  10. Built by founders for founders

  11. Backed by YCombinator

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